Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lots of school, little posting.

We've been having a LOT of fun at school these last weeks. And I have pictures of it!!!

We made Forkupines. We drew porcupines and painted them using forks. (got idea from The Mailbox)

We made graphs of the blocks we had. Sorting them into different colors. (The Mailbox again for the idea)

We played "Greater Alligator." We had the alligator eat the bigger fish. Then read the math sentence. Example "Five is greater then four." I made the alligator from a pattern I got on a website. But I forgot where..

I also made a Velcro word board. I got the letter print out from here. I laminated and put velcro on the bottom of them instead of putting them on wood. We use the for teaching new blends on such in reading.

We also remade weather wheels (Mailbox) but this time we made our own season wheels too. I was tired of the girls asking everytime the weather changed what season it was!

Heart matching. We first sorted the cards and put them in the right order. They were all tens (0, 10, 20) Hannah surprised me when she also knew how to count by tens. (thanks Leapfrog). So then we played memory with them.

We've done more. But that's all the pictures I have!

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