Saturday, August 18, 2012

We're still alive.

So, I haven't been the best at updated my blog.
No promises in updating it more, but I will try!

So. A few fun things have happened. We decided that we are only going to do homeschooling from now on (remember one kid was in public school). I'm excited and have been planning out this next year. Lots of fun things and fun time will be had in our home!

I'm really excited also, because I've joined a homeschooling group. I went to my first "mom's meeting group" a week ago. It was SO fun. I loved sitting in a room hearing all about other women's homeschooling programs and the advice they have. It was fun to just sit and talk about different curriculum and actually have people there to understand what I was talking about. I've always had to call up my Bestie in order to get my homeschooling talk in. So it was nice to have a huge group of women to converse with. (Don't worry, I'll still call :D)

There was a program through the public school that I got really excited about. Then when I did all my research found out that it wasn't going to be of any use to us. It would have covered some fun classes that the girls could take (sports, dance, swimming.. etc). I was really bummed out. Though, after talking to some of the ladies about it, and one very experienced homeschooler about the program. It seems it is going to work. I just have to be a little bit more aggressive in making sure they understand that I already have a bunch of curriculum and the curriculum I want. We get an allotted amount of money. Half of the money has to be spent on curriculum through them (which works out perfect, because there was a bunch of stuff they offer that I was about to purchase myself) and the other half can be spent on taking classes and other activities. I'm excited to see if this will truly work out for us!!!

Umm.. I should go to bed. But I'll keep you posted on the program. I'm really excited!

Also. Go join a homeschooling group. I learned so much about homeschooling and other people styles, and even more about my teaching style!