Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Road Trip Continued...

 Today we "went to" San Fransisco. We made some cable cars. It was fun. We put the "cable" on an angle and let them all roll down.. it was fun.
The orange one is mine.. Yes.. I do the craft too. he he eh..
The purple on is Hannah's
 The pink is Abby's
 The red is Emmy's
 Monday we went to Yosemite.. We made water falls.. We tore different color blue paper to make the water and glued it on.
Before that we went to Yellowstone National Park where we say some bears...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Home Schooling Room

I feel REALLY REALLY REALLY blessed right now to be able to have a whole room dedicated to homeschooling. It won't last forever, but as long as we have it I'm going to take advantage and use it. I finally remembered to take pictures of it when it was clean.. So I thought I'd share our homeschooling room

This is our desk area. This is where we do all the work. Each kid has a name tag (that they practice writing there name on) They have a box under there chair for their binder and handwriting books.

This is Emily's work list. She currently is finishing kindergarten at a public school, so on those days we don't get schooling in. Next year, they'll all be home with me and we'll try to do it daily.

This is our history wall. We are currently using a book called: My America and My World
I love this book. I'll probably continue to use this series. It starts of easy for 1st graders and becomes more involved each year. Right now we are on a "road trip" going and learning about different places in America. We usually do a craft with each section that I make up halfway through while Em's reading the section for the day. We've made dollar bills, liberty hats, Apple trees, made our own "laws", painted the Mississippi Rivers, and so much more. I'm grateful my kids are still young and love these silly crafts I come up with! (my two year old joins in for each craft.... you can probably figure out which flag she did)

 My dad is a computer guy. He fixed the older two up a computer they can each use themselves. We use plastic storage containers (that are full of stuff we are storing) as desks. Abby's is the desk without the computer.
 This is my little desk area.. Another storage container. This has a lot of the books I use for homeschooling and also the books the girls get to read. We only keep a few children books in the homeschooling room. The rest are in their bedroom so they have more opportunities to use them.

 Another view of my little desk thing.
This is the view from the other corner of the room. The shelves hold our supplies. Our craft supplies, our math supplies, puzzles, and etc.. Supplies go there...

That's our room. I LOVE it! Yes, I wish we could afford fancy desks and all that jazz.. But I'm grateful we have what we do.

I'm so excited we're going to just be homeschooling next year. I'm glad that I get to teach my little boogers :D. I'm hoping the new system we're doing will work way better!