Saturday, September 25, 2010

My newest find.

We like to play games during school... But the number 1-6 dots.. were kind of boring.. So while shopping at my favorite store (here) I found these dice. One has the number 1-6 but in word form, some are the boring ones but in fun colors, I found one that had numbers 7-12, and another that had numbers 13-18. But my favorite so far is the 30 sided dice. What a fun way to learn the numbers.. and more then just 1-6!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Some things we've done with math

First of all.. Can someone tell me why all my pictures keep posting in words instead of pictures while I'm writing the post????

Anyways. Here are two activities we got from our fun book I posted about below.
The first pictures are of the size activity. We had two gardens. One was small and the other was big. We put the big yarn worms in the big garden and the small yarn worms in the small garden. I probably ought to make them count up all the worms in each garden.. But since the baby was awake.. It kind of threw me off. And no, Emily wasn't bored. We were talking and she wasn't really doing the activity at the point of the picture.

The other activity we "picked apples from a tree". And sorted the "apples" into different colors and then counted them. We then counted all the "apples" and found out how many apples were on our tree.

And yes, the baby was awake. I've decided to try and include her in on a few of the activities we do. We had some playdoh scissors and some scraps from the activity we were doing, so she joined in. No, she didn't actually use the glue, the lid was very tightly on. She also joins us for reading time when she's awake.. She just loves being part of it!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Review

(We have the Grade K book... since that's the age of my oldest)
I've been piecing together our homeschooling program. There have been some books I've just absolutely loved! Luckily I haven't purchased any I didn't like.. Thanks to research, and lots of time studying the book before I buy it...

This book (tech. a magazine) is one I've recently come across. I had looked at some of the magazines that they had produced.. And I just wasn't interested. But this one caught my eye when I was looking for "the perfect" math book. With this magazine, I feel I actually found it!
It has TONS of different math activities, and covers so many different math concepts. In the front page of the magazine it says "The best activities are easy to prepare, easy to explain, and fun for your kids!" I completely agree that this magazine has done just that. Almost all the activities can be done with household items. As long as you have a printer and stuff laying in your house, this book will work. The activities are fun and creative, yet actually teach the concepts.
The best part... It is SO simple to plan for the activities. The activities require very minimal amount of items, and the ideas are all there. I can just look at the supply list, grab the items, and that the activity is planned!
I am planning on checking into the grade 1 book for the next year.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Busy Business....

We're still alive. It's been fun and challenging, yet rewarding, this homeschooling business.
The girls are learning so much. And I'm learning so much. A few more months of this, and I might have it all down.

I've recently decided that we aren't doing enough science. So, we're working on doing that more. I got a book that has different science projects for different seasons. We're going to start learning things about leaves and such. The other day we decorated a leave.. We discussed that trees were going to start changing colors.. We'll get more into the vocabulary of it soon.. It was just an intro really. This next week we'll probably start.

OH! And I'm really excited. This week we start the Preschool Co-op with some of the people from our church. It's really going to be fun! We'll each take turns teaching preschool at our homes. It is just right for the social aspect of school. I'm excited! A new little adventure in our homeschooling journey!