Thursday, September 13, 2012

What to do with the baby?

What do you do with your preschooler and the baby while homeschooling your older kids? Usually we get it all done while the baby naps, and while the preschooler is cutting and gluing and making messes everywhere.. Today he woke up earlier then we were ready for. So the baby joined us... And ate us... Yep, he crawled right under the table and tried to eat our toes....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Story of the World

Today we finally started The Story of the World. It went better then I had imagined. I loved how they put a little bit of a story in there, and gave us a character to learn about. We learned about Nomads today. Here are the kids doing some cave paintings. I think we're REALLY going to like this book!

I really have to say.. We are an arts and craft kind of group. My kids LOVE when we draw and paint and cut. I even get in on it and do the crafts sometimes.

We have been having so much fun lately homeschooling. We're at our 20th day... So about a month into it. It seems to be getting more fun each day!

I had to add this picture, because I feel like an official teacher or like we have an official class because it looks so public schoolish.. he he eh..

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Home Schoolers

I grew up thinking home schooled children we're weird....

I was totally right.. That's why we're homeschooling! (My youngest daughter thinks making faces is pretty much the funniest thing in the world)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Stuff

So, with a new school year comes lots of new "Stuff."

First, I updated the blog. It was boring me, so it was time for a change.

Second, we joined an public school program for home-schoolers. It's called IDEA. I'm so excited about it.  We are able to buy some curriculum that I could not afford and other curriculum that I wasn't willing to spend the money on through this program.
 We haven't received everything yet. I just placed my order in on Monday, so we'll be getting packages in the mail for the next week or so. We have however received one of the curriculum programs that I was really excited to try. We're only on day two but the girls and I love it already! It's called Moving Beyond the Pages. Google it, he he eh.
                                   (stole the picture from here. Don't actually click on the picture to learn more.. he he eh)
  Today we learned about maps, yesterday we learned about environments. It incorporates reading, writing, social studies, science, and so much more in a really fun and interesting way. Maybe even a little math too! We're still planning on using the other curriculum that we already have and  just this too it. I love how it comes with books to read, and a list of other books you can add when teaching. I also love the fact that it comes with more then one option for the activities. Having two kids that are at two separate places in learning, the books make it easy to challenge my older child while teaching the same to the younger. I also love that my youngest asked if we could "PLLLLEEEAAASSSE" do our Moving Beyond the Page work. I told them they had to do their math first, they quickly did their math so we could get to it. I love it!

We're also going to be using other materials. Once I get them in and I'll try it out and tell you what I think about them. I love helping my kids learn.