Friday, February 11, 2011

Good, Better, Best.

I'm not against public school.
I just have to state that, that's not why I want to home-school.

I'm not trying to be overprotective.
That's not why I want to home-school.

Good: We were always planning on sending our kids to public school. And then we were blessed with Emily. She was born after the cut of date for Kindergarten last year. She was ready, but because of 6 days she wasn't allowed to go. She was ready to move on from preschool. But couldn't move to kindergarten.

Better: Then we started looking into private schools. We even came up with a plan to pay for them (they are pretty expensive). We interviewed and toured a few schools. She could get in as a kindergartner. It was better then public school. Less people in her class. Yet something was missing. It just didn't feel right.

Best: All of a sudden the idea of Homeschooling came about. I had been against it forever. It wasn't even something I was going to consider. But.. Something felt right about it. It fit for all of us. It was more challenging, just like Emily needed. Yet, it's changed a lot in our entire family. Our home is becoming more of a place of learning. It became not just what was best for Emily. But what was best for Hannah. And what was best for the rest of our family. It just fits.
Right now it's the best choice for OUR kids. Maybe not everyone's, but OURS.

That's just a thought that's been going around in my head...

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