Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A picture documentry

While I was at the store, I saw this cool kit. It's growing plants in test tubs. That way we can see the WHOLE plant. We are currently growing radishes, carrots, and onions. Our radishes are really taking off. We document it every school day (not sundays)

Weather and Calendar. We look out the window and decide weather it is sunny or cloudy/rainy. Today the sun was out a little. So we went outside to test if it was warm or cold.. As you can see, it was cold. We discuss what day of the week it is, what date, and what month. The girls were surprised when I had erased all of May and started the calendar over.

Then we use "The Ordinary Parent's guide to Teaching Reading." We just started it two days ago. We have a journal to go along with it. Each day we do the lesson in the book and then I've added the crafty side. We cut out the letters and pictures to go along with the sound and color and glue them. I think we'll also maybe do stickers on day of items that start with the letter, and other crafty stuff... We do it in a journal so that way it stays all together (and not all over my house) and we can review the previous things each day.

Today the girls decided that they wanted to paint for craft time. So we painted pictures. Tomorrow we might play with playdoh.. I haven't planned that far ahead.

We've been learning about bugs.. We have been learning all sorts of new words. Each day we add to our word board different words we've learned from the books and review what they mean.. As we are reading, I note down new words and we use those the following day.

Then we read our books. The girls really love the books that are in the book box. We got this pre-put together kit from the library (thanks for telling us about them Andrea)
As we read them, when we come acrossed one of the words we all repeat it out loud. Hannah was really getting into it today. (sorry don't know how to stop the underlining)

The girls really like to hang up their work... Our door is full. I need to figure out what to do with all these pages.. We can't just keep stacking them up.

That's what we did today. Each day is a little different. Once I get it all figured out though, it'll be more consistant. I still have to figure out when to add the math back in. And more stuff. But that's what we have so far. I add more stuff in, but it's more different stuff daily. :-D

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