Monday, June 7, 2010

Make it, Bake it Monday!

I decided each Monday we would Make and bake something fun! This week we made spring cake (just cake but it had spring sprinkles). The girls got to help put in all the ingredients and then they got to frost their own piece afterwords.

Abigail was awake for it this time.. So she just kind of did her thing.... She has been learning too. Her newest trick is climbing on chairs. She loves it.

For math today we went fishing. We had numbers on the back of the fish and the girls had to tell me what number it was.. Next time we'll also add in putting them in order once they catch them. (no those aren't bags of trash you see, we were given a bunch of clothing that don't quite fit the girls yet, so we have no idea where to put the bags, they have just kind of stayed there while we find a place)

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