Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some more stuff..

We got some pattern blocks and they are probably the best investment I've made so far. They help with creativity, counting, adding, patterns, shapes, and individual time. I love them, the girls love them, and even daddy loves to play with them!

I also made some math file folders. The girls love them. And it helps with helping them on more their own level, but they can do it at the same time.
Hannah has the counting cupcakes one.

And Emily has the Math adding Acorns (got them both Here)

Abigail wanted to get in on the fun.. It has been kind of UNhelpful that she's giving up morning naps.... But here she is getting into the block action... (ignore silly, yet still cute, face she's making)

We've done a ton more fun things! But I'll just keep posting some of them... Or else I'll have to make like 5 more posts...

Also we've been slowly keeping up on the Tour of the Parks.
We've gone to Bloedel, Birchwood a few times, Cornwall twice, and I think it's only fair to add Boxx Berry farms in, since tech. it did have a play area on it :-D

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