Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why I want to homeschool?

Yesterday we were at the doctor's office for Abigail. We were waiting for her to get her x-rays done (born with DDH, and needs x-rays once a year). Hannah was looking around and saw a sign and read "bone dens" She couldn't figure out the rest of it, it was "bone density." I wanted to scream, I was so happy! That's a hard word, and we're not to silent e's yet. It was one of the moments that made me thing "she's getting it!"

Then we were reading scriptures. We let each girl read one scripture with help. Emily normally does pretty well. Hannah struggles, because she isn't quite at reading scripture level. However she surprised me and read "brethren" herself. Another moment I just want to shout with joy!

Can you imagine having someone else getting to share these moments with your kids? I'm glad I get to be her teacher. Yes, it's hard sometimes. But the success moments are totally worth it!

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