Monday, August 15, 2011


So, I'm starting to get nervous yet excited.

I officially withdrew the registration we had filled out in May. We are officially not putting Emily in kindergarten.

I don't know why making it official seems so scary to me. We know it's the right thing for our family.

So. Now that that is out of the way... I'm excited about the things I have planned. I have a good amount of schooling planned out. It's still going to be trial and error for a while but I have high hopes for the things were doing to turn out awesome. I have planned a ton of crafts to go along with Emily's history. Which makes me even more excited!

There are some stuff I still haven't planned out even. I really want to make sure to include a lot more fun stuff during our day. I just need to get everything set up in a routine better and get things going. There's just so many ideas I have, and I need to put them out on paper!!

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