Friday, December 3, 2010


We've been having tons of fun with schooling lately. Seriously, it's the best. I do however still need to get a complete lesson plan figured out for the year.. If I'm going to be doing homeschooling again next year, I have to really figure things out before hand. Luckily, this is practice year. Emily isn't considered a kindergartner until next year, due to her birthday being in October. And Hannah still has two more years until she would be able to go to Kindergarten. But it's looking more and more like we'll be doing it for a few years.

ANYWAYS. We've been having a ton of fun lately. We've changed our calendar. We now have little velcro numbers (and idea I stole from our Co-Op Preschool). And we do a weather wheel instead of taping on the weather cut outs. I like it.. It's easy, and simple. And the girls got to make their own weather wheel.

Today we did some sorting and it was fun. Hannah gets bored/frustrated with too much cutting things out. And since we also cut out penguins, she didn't finish cutting out all her items, which was okay.

Reading lessons: MAJOR accomplished today. I've figure out that Hannah has to do her reading lesson first, before she is excited about other craft stuff. She has been doing AMAZING lately. I just write the word down, and she tells me what it is. For a little while, I figured we were going to fast and she wasn't getting it. So we back tracked and we're right where we need to be. She is challenged, but she also has a lot more sucess. Which makes me so happy.

Emily is still amazing me. Today she wrote a whole sentence just sounding out words.. and only missed ONE letter total in all 7ish words. She's been speeding through her book. She can read all the first set of Bob books.. We just got the second set.. And haven't started yet. But she opened the box quickly, and she read the title of the first book.. I'm thinking she might just fly through the second set.

I got a tracing book for Hannah. It's a wipe-off one. She needs more help with making more defined lines and circles.. I know she can do it, because sometimes she does. But she needs more practice. So she's enjoying them.

Math is fun. We haven't been concentrating as much on the numbers as we should. We've been learning more things like patterns, sorting, most/least, and the first 10 numbers words (one, two, instead of just 1, 2)
I need to plan more number items.. So I'm going to work on that. Emily is ready and has been doing addition. Though, not constant enough. So I'll be working on more of that.

We have also been decorating our house for Christmas. I'm trying to more crafts. We made penguins today. And I have many more Christmas related items, (though I'm waiting until after Hannah's birthday to really hit the Christmas crafts hard.)

We've been learning about differnt types of weather for science. And starting next week, we'll do more with ice and winter weather/temp.

I've really had a hard time with getting everything in that I want to do. We normally have about two hours to do everything. Which, isn't a lot of time. But that's how long Abby naps.

I hope to start Abby in Tot-school soon. When I do, we'll be taking more time to do schooling. We'll do some in the morning, and some while Abby naps.

To end, Right now I am really enjoying schooling. I love being able to watch my kids learn and figure out things. I truly feel like I am blessed to be able to teach them.

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  1. That's funny...because we need to work less on numbers and more on that other math stuff. :D