Friday, November 19, 2010

To Homeschool or Not?!

So lately I've been thinking about if homeschooling really is right for us.. Mostly because we hadn't done it in a few weeks.

Lately the girls have been HORRIBLE. Seriously I wanted to run away. Lots and lots of whining.

It was weird because they were amazingly good for such a long time.. and then they just were starting to crash...

And then I figure it out. We weren't doing schooling. They were bored. They started whining not knowing what was wrong.

We started back up on Thursday. And all I have to say is WOW. MAJOR DIFFERENCE. I know it's only been two days back in a row doing it. But I think we've all realized how much we love it. Today we made weather wheels and did ocean drawing math. We played memory, and we read books. We also did a game with our states and taped up the and discussed sight words. Seriously. It was fun.

And now the girls are just so happy. They are back to their sharing and loving. I just love it!

And we get to learn together.

I do have to take a few days and really figure out a year lesson plan. But.. for right now we are taking it week by week. Maybe I'll make Bryan take two days off work in a row and disappear at the library for those days and get it all planned out.

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  1. oh phew, sounds like it all got better. Make sure YOU schedule in little breaks so you don't get burned out. They might not mind going five days a week, 52 weeks a year, but that would be so hard for you. And that might help with taking such long breaks, then they get bored and start whining, etc etc. And on your breaks you could have lists of things for them to do so they don't get bored (coloring, art projects, reading, games, etc) but it's not something that would drain you. I hope you keep going, you're an inspiration to me.