Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This week for "science" we're learning about weather and seasons. For our projected dealing with weather on Monday, I decided that it would be fun to "Paint with clouds." It was fun! The girls liked it and I even joined in and had fun.

I have also decided to get back to doing sight words. Tomorrow we are starting our "Sight Word Wall". We'll add a few words on Tuesday and Thursdays, and also review each word during our circle time!

I've been thinking a lot about the whole homeschooling concept. Like I said at the beginning of homeschooling, I don't know how long we will be doing so.
But on my drive home today I was thinking about how it brings the learning back to the home. I've heard a bunch of parents complain that teachers give to much homework, and that they send kids to school for eight hours and how they should be able to do all their work at school. And yes, I feel there is a LOT of busy work. But I do think learning should continue at home. And homework is a guarantee that kids are learning in their homes. Though, I don't think it gets as much parent involvement as it should.

I've also been thinking about how our life has changed so much since June. Seriously. Once we took on the complete responsibility to teach our children so many things have changed. We now read EVERY night to our kids, and make it more of a priority. We read a lot more during the day also. We also get to explore so many different things together. So we're all learning as a family. Tonight Bryan and I watched a documentary together. Yes, it sounds boring. But we found it really interesting to watch. Something that months ago I would have said no to. Even Abigail is being affected by all this. I love it. She's starting to realize that books are fun and she'll even lay on her tummy and look at the pages.

I'm hoping this homeschooling stuff works out for a long time for our family!

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