Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Review

(We have the Grade K book... since that's the age of my oldest)
I've been piecing together our homeschooling program. There have been some books I've just absolutely loved! Luckily I haven't purchased any I didn't like.. Thanks to research, and lots of time studying the book before I buy it...

This book (tech. a magazine) is one I've recently come across. I had looked at some of the magazines that they had produced.. And I just wasn't interested. But this one caught my eye when I was looking for "the perfect" math book. With this magazine, I feel I actually found it!
It has TONS of different math activities, and covers so many different math concepts. In the front page of the magazine it says "The best activities are easy to prepare, easy to explain, and fun for your kids!" I completely agree that this magazine has done just that. Almost all the activities can be done with household items. As long as you have a printer and stuff laying in your house, this book will work. The activities are fun and creative, yet actually teach the concepts.
The best part... It is SO simple to plan for the activities. The activities require very minimal amount of items, and the ideas are all there. I can just look at the supply list, grab the items, and that the activity is planned!
I am planning on checking into the grade 1 book for the next year.

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  1. Awesome! I looked on the library website, and they have the magazine, but they're all at Bellingham...maybe I'll request one.