Monday, September 20, 2010

Some things we've done with math

First of all.. Can someone tell me why all my pictures keep posting in words instead of pictures while I'm writing the post????

Anyways. Here are two activities we got from our fun book I posted about below.
The first pictures are of the size activity. We had two gardens. One was small and the other was big. We put the big yarn worms in the big garden and the small yarn worms in the small garden. I probably ought to make them count up all the worms in each garden.. But since the baby was awake.. It kind of threw me off. And no, Emily wasn't bored. We were talking and she wasn't really doing the activity at the point of the picture.

The other activity we "picked apples from a tree". And sorted the "apples" into different colors and then counted them. We then counted all the "apples" and found out how many apples were on our tree.

And yes, the baby was awake. I've decided to try and include her in on a few of the activities we do. We had some playdoh scissors and some scraps from the activity we were doing, so she joined in. No, she didn't actually use the glue, the lid was very tightly on. She also joins us for reading time when she's awake.. She just loves being part of it!

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