Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I like to try and quiz the girls informally when we've learned something new to see if they really are grasping the concept. Hannah, always fails my little "tests." She's not a performer. So when I ask her to tell me the sounds of letters. Or if I ask her to tell me the name of a number.. she doesn't even try. Emily's completely opposite. She is okay at showing off her mad brain skills.

Today however. We played with our new alphabet puzzle. She got to put one of the pieces in, but she had to tell me what sound it made in order to do so. She got most all of then right. I think we're going to be doing "puzzle time" for a little while until she remembers all the sounds of each letter, and the names of all the numbers up to ten.. She tends to get 8 and 9 wrong.. and I don't want to move on until she gets recognizing those numbers down. So we have a number puzzle too!

So.. Yep. I love puzzles, we'll be using them often around here.

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