Monday, August 2, 2010

Almost Overwhelmed, but then not at all.

I've been reading a bunch of homeschooling sites.. Everyone seems to have the whole next year planned out. Opps. I guess I'm not on top of things. Actually I thought I was a little overdoing things....and then I read about all these people with their Curriculums all ordered and stuff.. he he eh.

I've decided my approach is a lot different. We are doing the basics like Reading, Numbers, Math, Sight words, and all that stuff. But I am doing it they way I have planned. I feel I am probably creative enough to get it all in. If I feel we aren't hitting on something, then I'll just added it in. I have researched where kids in school are at certain grades, so I will know if I have to step up the game.

I have a few goals, and then I just add in what we want. The girls have been curious with where places are. So we started memorizing the USA and all the states and capitals. We've loved it. The girls have learned a ton so far (we're on like the 10th state). I made a cute little book to go with it. (got it from a book and turned it into an activity book)

Right now we plan on homeschooling for Preschool. Who knows how far it will go. We might homeschool forever, or just for preschool. We'll see. I'm taking it day by day.

One of my goals it to make it fun for all of us. I know that it won't always be fun. But there are so many good resources to make it fun. So, that's what we're working on now. It takes a lot more planning. But it's a lot more rewarding.

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  1. We're kinda the same way. For example, Little Boy isn't at all interested in states and capitals and we don't do them yet. But he loves math, we do end up doing number activities A LOT. :D