Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ABC with Baby!

Abby has really been wanting to be involved in schooling. She loves when she wakes up early enough from her nap that she gets to finish the school day with us. We've also been lacking structure in the morning.
So, the solution was to start schooling her also. We only do it for about a half an hour in the morning.
All three girls get the same sheet. But I have different goals for each of them.
Emily's is to practice writting her letters better. She's really good already, but still it's good practice.
Hannah's is to start learning to color inside lines, and to practice her letter writting. I make the older two each write both upcase and lowercase the letter four times before they are able to color.
Abby's goal is to just learn the alphabet letters and sounds.

It's been really fun so far. Hopefully we can keep it up!!


  1. What a great idea! i'm homeschooling my four year old...along with the two year old. Some days are more exciting than others. (The two year old is a VERY busy boy, and sitting down with worksheets is totally not his style. So we adapt.)

    (I came over from Andrea's blog. Hi!)